This a funny seen that instantly flashed back on the back of my mind. I have this girl bff. Well in every friendship there is war.. its the spice that binds you together.. well ok too much for an introduction.. What I did actually recall is the dirtiest fight we ever had.

I can’t get mad to her no matter what, but one scenario revealed the evil inside me. Hahahaha its funny, but its only because she called me “Naive..” for a certain misunderstanding that we had.

Naive means ignorant for me. Someone who doesn’t actually knew what he/shes doing!! And soon as I heard it from her, I was like a volcano that erupts in a split seconds time.

Oh well why am I bringing this up.. Coz now that am older and guess much matured (I hope), I think Edz got a point..

Am afraid, I am almost believing the fact that shes 90% right. I might be naive?? wtf.

I am getting older but my decisions in life are getting lame. I sometimes obviously dealing with the stuff wrongly but I choose continue doing it.. damn girl.

Now I realize there is no one to blame neither no excuse for the pain I feel each time, its because of the lazy decision i choose to take pattern.  And if I made that then, reversing it back to normal might .. made sense right?


I will fix things back , I wont demand, I wont envy, I won react either,, all crossed fingers  😀

Happy weekend to all.. Mich here still aliive and kickkin 🙂