Hmmm.. too much to write but very little time.  I feel like I belong to the royal entourage.  Unexplainable, no words can express this tingling joy I feel.

Cant fairly remember who is snobbish between us, is it me or its just he don’t care much. One event bonded us, but he never dare to approach me. Duh!!!

Unfortunately he is a little distant to mine, maybe that explains or am just making a valid excuse for myself. Things fell on the proper time, we get socially connected, we shared same interest, eventually became friends whooopsss.. (intimately). Whoops. .looping stops.

There was these single line from a song “How can something so wrong, feel so right all along..” shoot, that line was for me.

Temporary joy, temporary laughs, woohoo, I got used to this word “TEMPORARY”.

I am not socially inclined type of person, but once I got HOOKED.. even you wish to spell it backwards, you will still agree that this word belongs to me. And here is the highlight of that part.. after believing that I gained one true friend.. I had proven myself wrong. We now have this thingy called GAP.. I don’t know how it started but am sure, I didn’t made it 😦

Should I keep on hanging, even according to Taylor “You’re trying your best to AVOID me.”

I wasnt diagnosed for any contagious disease, but you seem to maintain a distance. Yes, am in denial state but I knew the reason why?

Well mark this day!!!.. Am over you!! Back to the same, old, shy type, home-based buddy that I used to…

Just looking forward to meet my best friend Jonathan.. maybe in his absence I thought I found someone whose like him. I had no grudges but I can’t see a reason to stay if he is PUSHING me away..


Thanks for being nice.. thanks for keeping me company, thanks for exposing me to the society.

I will make this a bit easier for you to get rid of me, I am now letting you go.. I wont hold you back anymore..

You will always be my special buddy.. in thoughts..


Congrats Mich.. and welcome back, I missed the old me : (