My transition from childhood to being a young lady was a fast paced story. I always plan things ahead, I always wanted to grow up, to do these, do that and such and such..

Now am on it… I mean this is the stage that I had been waiting for,  but why things suddenly change?

Ok, breathe and think, what do I really wanted to happen? uhhmm, plan it simple and straight. I want to be happy!!

Next question, am I atleast achieving this? Answer, partly. Someone is making me happy, but situations drastically became complicated. I thought everything is fine and I wish everything is fine. The last time we met. God can attest that am so happy and excited to see you.

But when we are about to part ways, I wanted to shout 😦 ( “aalis ka nanaman.. iiwan mo nanaman ako :(” )

aaaargghhhh.. when is happily ever after? I hope its not far from now.

btw: In case you dont know, I always miss u.