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Dear Lie

I knew one remarkable story of two lost souls, that found comfort in each others arms.

Since the day my friend shared this to me, I never had forgotten it. Their story started like this:

She’s simple, hard to recognize, clumsy and sometimes ironic. But the funny thing is they seem to like her personality, pure and selfless and freaaking friendly, even shes far from being girl next door.

She met the boy in a place where crowd is huge. A very busy zone where everyone seems to have own topics to chat with. And since this young girls isnt as beautiful as I (geeezzz), he was not thrown bit of attention by the guy.

Till one morning, facebook magic seemed to connect them, until they cant deny that they seemed to be M2B.

OK, finally they dated, as everyone of us does to know such a person.

Movie, perfect place to start with. The scenario is this, she is watching movie while he is watching her.. Gosh so flattering :)..

Ok.. in short they are casted to fall in love with each other..

When they are in the midst of thingy called “Relationship”. Something went wrong.

He decided to keep it quite, I mean the relationship was never disclosed to anyone except maybe to BFF;s like us.

We then wonder why?

Is he ashamed to have her? He isnt proud? Or he is just TIMID?

Puzzles started to fall into places. Guess what? Everything is a DEAR SWEET LIE.

They cant be together anymore.. He is committed worse case, he is bounded by vows.

After she learned about it, you dont want to imagine how devasted she is.  She never stop asking me WHY? WHY? WHY?

And am afraid to say.. I turned speechless, seems nothing can comfort her.

Best advise I gave to her, was to broke up with the guy. And end things up.

She fairly followed my advise.. But.. here is the twist, though he followed me, she can refuse him.

F*** isnt it? but what can I do, if she sincerely believes that he loves her soooo much.. That the guy was left with no choice.

They continued dating.. no strings attached but they are still tied.. its like “shes single but arent ready to mingle!!”

What should I tell her? Am speechless, she discover her lying and now she embraced the lies.. wheeewww..

😦 .. oh you dear lie!!












My transition from childhood to being a young lady was a fast paced story. I always plan things ahead, I always wanted to grow up, to do these, do that and such and such..

Now am on it… I mean this is the stage that I had been waiting for,  but why things suddenly change?

Ok, breathe and think, what do I really wanted to happen? uhhmm, plan it simple and straight. I want to be happy!!

Next question, am I atleast achieving this? Answer, partly. Someone is making me happy, but situations drastically became complicated. I thought everything is fine and I wish everything is fine. The last time we met. God can attest that am so happy and excited to see you.

But when we are about to part ways, I wanted to shout 😦 ( “aalis ka nanaman.. iiwan mo nanaman ako :(” )

aaaargghhhh.. when is happily ever after? I hope its not far from now.

btw: In case you dont know, I always miss u.





Someday we’ll know

Someday we’ll know if love can move a mountain..

Someday we’ll know why the sky is blue..

Someday we’ll know why I wasn’t meant for you…

Time check 3:44 am.. allow me to greet everyone a very sweet Sunday morning 🙂

Ok, I confide,.. am bothered the whole weekend.. coz lately things between US were acting strangely..

Since I open this song at youtube.. I already forgot to sleep… damn!!

Music is the window of my soul.. I might not tell you how I feel, but looking to type of musics am addicted into will tell you exactly if am lying.  I love the way you spoil me.. I love it when we dream together.. when we talk about anything under the sun.. Though we both know its all dreams.. Something that is way too impossible to achieve.

Was it your bad or mine? On the argument of whose to blame.. none of us will win.

You promise me lots of things.. all too good to be true stuff.. I guess what matters now is a question on when will this be true?? Am I tired to wait.. nope.. and never..  It is that am loosing hope that all the things you promise will latter never come true all will just stay as Dreams forever!!!

Ok am happy now.. chapter ends with an ellipses…

I hope you knew how much I love you and how much am missing you 😦 the real YOU!!!



This a funny seen that instantly flashed back on the back of my mind. I have this girl bff. Well in every friendship there is war.. its the spice that binds you together.. well ok too much for an introduction.. What I did actually recall is the dirtiest fight we ever had.

I can’t get mad to her no matter what, but one scenario revealed the evil inside me. Hahahaha its funny, but its only because she called me “Naive..” for a certain misunderstanding that we had.

Naive means ignorant for me. Someone who doesn’t actually knew what he/shes doing!! And soon as I heard it from her, I was like a volcano that erupts in a split seconds time.

Oh well why am I bringing this up.. Coz now that am older and guess much matured (I hope), I think Edz got a point..

Am afraid, I am almost believing the fact that shes 90% right. I might be naive?? wtf.

I am getting older but my decisions in life are getting lame. I sometimes obviously dealing with the stuff wrongly but I choose continue doing it.. damn girl.

Now I realize there is no one to blame neither no excuse for the pain I feel each time, its because of the lazy decision i choose to take pattern.  And if I made that then, reversing it back to normal might .. made sense right?


I will fix things back , I wont demand, I wont envy, I won react either,, all crossed fingers  😀

Happy weekend to all.. Mich here still aliive and kickkin 🙂



Hmmm.. too much to write but very little time.  I feel like I belong to the royal entourage.  Unexplainable, no words can express this tingling joy I feel.

Cant fairly remember who is snobbish between us, is it me or its just he don’t care much. One event bonded us, but he never dare to approach me. Duh!!!

Unfortunately he is a little distant to mine, maybe that explains or am just making a valid excuse for myself. Things fell on the proper time, we get socially connected, we shared same interest, eventually became friends whooopsss.. (intimately). Whoops. .looping stops.

There was these single line from a song “How can something so wrong, feel so right all along..” shoot, that line was for me.

Temporary joy, temporary laughs, woohoo, I got used to this word “TEMPORARY”.

I am not socially inclined type of person, but once I got HOOKED.. even you wish to spell it backwards, you will still agree that this word belongs to me. And here is the highlight of that part.. after believing that I gained one true friend.. I had proven myself wrong. We now have this thingy called GAP.. I don’t know how it started but am sure, I didn’t made it 😦

Should I keep on hanging, even according to Taylor “You’re trying your best to AVOID me.”

I wasnt diagnosed for any contagious disease, but you seem to maintain a distance. Yes, am in denial state but I knew the reason why?

Well mark this day!!!.. Am over you!! Back to the same, old, shy type, home-based buddy that I used to…

Just looking forward to meet my best friend Jonathan.. maybe in his absence I thought I found someone whose like him. I had no grudges but I can’t see a reason to stay if he is PUSHING me away..


Thanks for being nice.. thanks for keeping me company, thanks for exposing me to the society.

I will make this a bit easier for you to get rid of me, I am now letting you go.. I wont hold you back anymore..

You will always be my special buddy.. in thoughts..


Congrats Mich.. and welcome back, I missed the old me : (