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When should I call you crap

Why am I affected? Why am I bothered? Crap.. Why I keep saying am fine, even am not. Misery loves company I guess, and the good news is its quite tolerated at my end.

I was fooled not once nor twice.. how many do I need to finally say “I QUIT”..

You made me smile at times and made me feel loved, and these are my weaknesses I confessed, then after the short moment, you will act as if I never existed.

I want to scream, I want to shout, I want to hate you, but I just can’t do, am helpless here and I just don’t know what to do.

Am not blaming you, for being like this. Instead I hate myself in believing at all these.

When will I have contentment and when will I stop seeking for misjudgment.. I guess long as am tormented.. I will always be distracted.

I am not asking for much, I needed just enough to help me sustain all this things I call CRAP 😦

Good night buds.. hope my throat will go fine tomorrow. I can’t afford to have a day off again






On the Lighter Side

Life is amazingly weird… After my untiring journey to depict college life here I am now spending 8 hours a day still infront of the computer..editing optimizing live sites..huh It was then I thought I must have a lighter side at least.. I was been very busy juggling around the elements of  the codes..editing the user-defiend websites..I did not even have time to make my own blog..funny but true…

Its really different now.. but I must admit I am enjoying this..Only few remarks on my life’s changes.. Of course how could earth meet it balance if it doesn’t have good and bad.. Same here.. I used to have those now..

I love my job now, only I misses few stuffs.. Those few people that used to be an extension of me when we were in college..Well, this is reality through and through each one of us will separate ways and lives..

Just sharing sentiments..that I still hope one day, we would see each other and do the same funny tricks as we were before..

Hayyyy… Hope this blog were able to extend to those few persons I am referring into..

Take care wherever you are folks… see you soon