This is a remarkable day.. for my own POV (Point of View).. I had been working on wordpress stuff for quite sometime but it was my first time to get my own blog hahahaha..

Hmm reality check its 2:15 am here at my beautiful tropical country Philippines and am cheerful and alive geeezz, sometimes I ask myself what is the setting of my body clock??

Ok.. as I was saying, Blogging.. What influenced me? Who influenced me? ashhh..

As for what influenced me? The recent Wordcamp 2010 @ DLSU – College of St. Benilde has something to do with these.. Through that event I come to realize.. why should I blog? Answer.. personal reasons mainly.. I find blogging a perfect stress reliever for me.. A portal to speak out loud everything that I want to say.. An online diary.. everything.. I even got this silly reasoning that maybe blogging can keep my away from my fridge so to speak. Well usually when am down, bit depressed or in a totally wrecked mood fridge is my constant buddy. For a change, it might be possible that blogging is an alternative to my craving.. wheeeww

Second, who influenced me? honestly.. I can name some. First were my mentors. My boss Bri (if he is only aware that am his number 1 fan) well he is not into blogging business, we do web development, but taking into account that this blog of mine uses wordpress, I can do blogging while improving things I learn from him. Mainly making my site bit interesting (which I hope and plan to do soon.) Next, Franziska, the coolest and yet very intelligent mentor of mine.. she is into blogging but more specifically I see her as an expert in character building, I admire her enthusiasm a lot.  Matt, he is none other but the brain behind wordpress whom I personally met at the camp, a very down to earth guy. But very intelligent too. With his young age, he made a milestone, he is such a gem, an sooo amazing. Then him.. hahahaha not quite sure if he will like to be publicized here but this guy really influenced me too. hmmmm I will expound the reason for this… on the up coming blogs that I will make. hahahha. (shivering!!)

Alright, the interface of my first blog needs to improve as well.. but for now I think I need to hit my bed. Its already 2:40 am and am a bit sleepy :)..

Good night oooops I mean good morning world.. Till next blog.